headcanon that the only reason johnny didn’t write dallas a note like he wrote ponyboy was because he knew dallas couldn’t bear to open it and realize that it was one of the last things johnny wrote with out exploding like he did anyways


Imagine Johnny talking about you.
I just read one ofnur thots, and u sead darry was the else's, that's not true. I think I remember one other member of the gang is the else's, like I think it was tow-bit. Idk I think it was this or I made it up and believed it.

i don’t think i understand what you mean

What's your opinion on Cherry?


Man, I so do not want to answer this. 

Truthfully? I’m indifferent. I don’t hate her, but I don’t like her either. If anything I tolerate her because she was a good person who did not want the events to happen and genuinely felt bad. 


I don’t dislike her because she didn’t talk to Pony nor because she refused to see Johnny. I think she felt awful for not visiting Johnny; she knew Johnny wasn’t a violent person and that it must have been Bob that did something to warrant Johnny defending himself and she said so herself. 

The only thing that seemed fucked up to me about her is that whole ‘I could fall in love with Dallas Winston. I hope I never see him or I will.’ bullshit.

  • It was their date night with their friends. Granted, Bob was drunk but point is that she was technically on a date with her boyfriend of some time.
  • The novel is from Ponyboy’s narrative. When she said the whole spiel about ‘falling in love with Dally’ Pony thinks he only heard, but didn’t he also say it was silent? 
  • If so, whose to say Bob and the others didn’t hear her say that? That would have to hurt like hell. 
  • She only spent like what ten minutes with Dally and most of the time in the novel and movie he was sexually harassing her. She kept telling him ‘no’ and he wasn’t stopping. I don’t even want to think what Dally would have done if Johnny hadn’t stopped him.
  • Ten minutes of verbal sparring. 
  • Not love to me. And I would never want Cherry to end up with a guy that’s disrespectful towards her like that. That means Bob and Dally and any other jackass(es). 

She deserved more than the hand she was dealt. I would like to think she settle down with a nice man and had two kids, while being a career woman. 

I’m nervous about posting this because Cherry is a sensitive topic within the fandom. 

Sorry if I offended anyone.

Edit: But I will say this bit, she does later tell Pony that she knew what Bob was like when drunk. If she did know that she should have stopped talking to Pony and Johnny after Dally left. 


I’m 100% sure that Ponyboy and Dallas both loved Johnny a lot more than the book said.

Do u think Soda ever grieved Johnny and Dally? It just seems like him, Steve, and Darry didn't care that Johnny died or that both friends died.


I think at the time they didn’t know how to react. 

In the Steve Randle headcanons I that I posted I said this; I stand by it: 

  • Steve had been planning to meltdown over Johnny’s death in private where nobody would see, however Dally got shot in front of him and then the trauma of losing both Dally and Johnny got to him. He nearly had a nervous breakdown. 

Think about it. Pony just came through the door and hit him with the fact that one of the ‘babies’ in the gang that they knew since childhood has died and they’re still processing it then bam! the phone call Dally, who plans to himself by suicide by cop. Basically I’m saying that Steve had a meltdown losing Dally and Johnny.

For Darry…let’s be honest he cried in his bedroom. Darry always has to keep face as the old brother. He probably got over his shock from what happened and it hit him all at once. 

Pony has described as Soda being reckless several times. He also states that Soda has to get into fights or drag races because he has too much energy and he cannot be confined. His emotions if repressed (Darry/Pony fighting/Dally x Johnny dying) will blow up and what happened when Darry/Pony were fighting; he blew the fuck up. While people would say Soda blew up at Darry threatening to kick Pony out; Pony also stated that Soda looked close to crying but wouldn’t allow himself to. 

In the movie Darry is clearly in shock and Steve aggressively gets off the couch in an angry manner as if he couldn’t believe Johnny is gone, while Soda looks like he wants to bawl his eyes out.  


People tend to forget that Pony, like Dally, was slowly killing himself over Johnny dying. While he didn’t suicide, he was slowly rotting himself away. He was forgetting stuff, bumping into things, not eating, and etc. 

The only reason he was able to live for Darry and Soda was due to:

1) Darry telling him that just because you lose someone you don’t stop living. Darry, in his own way, tells him in short that Johnny wouldn’t want him to stop living; just like their parents wouldn’t have want them to stop living just because they died. 

2) Johnny’s letter to Ponyboy was the key part for Ponyboy to snap out of it and decide, ‘fuck it, I’ll stay alive for my brothers, Two-Bit, and even Steve.’ Because Johnny is saying it’s alright to live on as long as no one takes his place and that he remembers him. 

If Ponyboy hadn’t found that note; pretty positive he would have wasted away to his death sooner.