"i would write a fanfic but every single plot line i can think of is based on a book or movie frick" a really long book by like half of all fanfic writers probably, mainly me

Why would you put flower crowns on GREASERS

because they’re little flowers didn’t you read the caption duh

Can u link all the chapters to ur fanfic :D

i actually don’t have a fanfic but ineverbelieveme has one and i reblog all of it so that’s probs what you’re thinking of but still here you go :)

Two but is 18 he's the oldest besides darry

thank you for the info i though ponyboy meant that two bit was the oldest over all :))

how old were all of the greasers?
  • ponyboy: 14
  • sodapop: 16
  • darrell: 20
  • steve:17
  • johnny:16
  • dallas: 17
  • two bit: 21 i guess because the book said he was the oldest

so i dont have the book in front of me, these are from memory and if they’re wrong sorry 

they’re all little flowers okay
The Outsiders fic Chapter 9


(Sorry this is so long… I feel it’s not my best, but I really wanted to get it done with. Hope you don’t mind it too much.)

Dallas had been mostly right, by the time they reached Buck’s home, it was very nearly dark. Soda and Steve were just finishing up with Fay’s car, Steve grumbling about it…