I just read one ofnur thots, and u sead darry was the else's, that's not true. I think I remember one other member of the gang is the else's, like I think it was tow-bit. Idk I think it was this or I made it up and believed it.

i don’t think i understand what you mean

What's your opinion on Cherry?


Man, I so do not want to answer this. 

Truthfully? I’m indifferent. I don’t hate her, but I don’t like her either. If anything I tolerate her because she was a good person who did not want the events to happen and genuinely felt bad. 


I don’t dislike her because she didn’t talk to Pony nor because she refused to see Johnny. I think she felt awful for not visiting Johnny; she knew Johnny wasn’t a violent person and that it must have been Bob that did something to warrant Johnny defending himself and she said so herself. 

The only thing that seemed fucked up to me about her is that whole ‘I could fall in love with Dallas Winston. I hope I never see him or I will.’ bullshit.

  • It was their date night with their friends. Granted, Bob was drunk but point is that she was technically on a date with her boyfriend of some time.
  • The novel is from Ponyboy’s narrative. When she said the whole spiel about ‘falling in love with Dally’ Pony thinks he only heard, but didn’t he also say it was silent? 
  • If so, whose to say Bob and the others didn’t hear her say that? That would have to hurt like hell. 
  • She only spent like what ten minutes with Dally and most of the time in the novel and movie he was sexually harassing her. She kept telling him ‘no’ and he wasn’t stopping. I don’t even want to think what Dally would have done if Johnny hadn’t stopped him.
  • Ten minutes of verbal sparring. 
  • Not love to me. And I would never want Cherry to end up with a guy that’s disrespectful towards her like that. That means Bob and Dally and any other jackass(es). 

She deserved more than the hand she was dealt. I would like to think she settle down with a nice man and had two kids, while being a career woman. 

I’m nervous about posting this because Cherry is a sensitive topic within the fandom. 

Sorry if I offended anyone.

Edit: But I will say this bit, she does later tell Pony that she knew what Bob was like when drunk. If she did know that she should have stopped talking to Pony and Johnny after Dally left. 


I’m 100% sure that Ponyboy and Dallas both loved Johnny a lot more than the book said.

Do u think Soda ever grieved Johnny and Dally? It just seems like him, Steve, and Darry didn't care that Johnny died or that both friends died.


I think at the time they didn’t know how to react. 

In the Steve Randle headcanons I that I posted I said this; I stand by it: 

  • Steve had been planning to meltdown over Johnny’s death in private where nobody would see, however Dally got shot in front of him and then the trauma of losing both Dally and Johnny got to him. He nearly had a nervous breakdown. 

Think about it. Pony just came through the door and hit him with the fact that one of the ‘babies’ in the gang that they knew since childhood has died and they’re still processing it then bam! the phone call Dally, who plans to himself by suicide by cop. Basically I’m saying that Steve had a meltdown losing Dally and Johnny.

For Darry…let’s be honest he cried in his bedroom. Darry always has to keep face as the old brother. He probably got over his shock from what happened and it hit him all at once. 

Pony has described as Soda being reckless several times. He also states that Soda has to get into fights or drag races because he has too much energy and he cannot be confined. His emotions if repressed (Darry/Pony fighting/Dally x Johnny dying) will blow up and what happened when Darry/Pony were fighting; he blew the fuck up. While people would say Soda blew up at Darry threatening to kick Pony out; Pony also stated that Soda looked close to crying but wouldn’t allow himself to. 

In the movie Darry is clearly in shock and Steve aggressively gets off the couch in an angry manner as if he couldn’t believe Johnny is gone, while Soda looks like he wants to bawl his eyes out.  


People tend to forget that Pony, like Dally, was slowly killing himself over Johnny dying. While he didn’t suicide, he was slowly rotting himself away. He was forgetting stuff, bumping into things, not eating, and etc. 

The only reason he was able to live for Darry and Soda was due to:

1) Darry telling him that just because you lose someone you don’t stop living. Darry, in his own way, tells him in short that Johnny wouldn’t want him to stop living; just like their parents wouldn’t have want them to stop living just because they died. 

2) Johnny’s letter to Ponyboy was the key part for Ponyboy to snap out of it and decide, ‘fuck it, I’ll stay alive for my brothers, Two-Bit, and even Steve.’ Because Johnny is saying it’s alright to live on as long as no one takes his place and that he remembers him. 

If Ponyboy hadn’t found that note; pretty positive he would have wasted away to his death sooner. 

am i the only who thinks by tim calling johnny 'the quiet kid' at the night of the rumble to pony that he was around johnny a lot or they crossed paths a lot? i mean so many peeps have pony being friends to curly but never johnny.



I mean if you think about it logically just like you pointed out..

And really when you coin someone like ‘the quiet kid’ it means you know who they are and you’ve been by them many times, but their name might slip your mind or Tim most likely knew Johnny’s name but called him ‘the quiet kid’ because he was quiet. 

Keep in mind Dally hung out with Tim and was buddies with Tim and Dally loved Johnny and hung out with him. It was a bit obvious in the novel that if Johnny wasn’t with the gang, then he was just hanging with Dally….who sometimes hung out with the Shepard crew.

I also have the belief that Curly and Johnny bumped into each other a lot because of Tim and Dally.

I’m basically agreeing with you. ‘The Quiet Kid’ is like Tim’s nickname for Johnny because he was just that; a quiet kid.

opinion who is the least appreciated in the outsiders and why






Darrel Shaynne Curtis Jr.

He could have worked one or two jobs to save up to go to college, but instead he made sure he got custody over Soda and Pony. He sacrificed so much. He barely has time to do anything fun or date. It bothered me whenever Soda or Pony kept something from him. 

Like, and I’ve told people this, the fact that Soda never told Darry that he knew Dally knew where the boys were. That is a huge deal especially if the state had already caught wind of what happened. And say if they had and Darry didn’t know and Soda ended up saying he did; that wouldn’t be good for them.

And the only reason I think Soda didn’t tell Darry about wanting to marry Sandy first was due to knowing Darry would have told him to wait and make sure. Darry, out of the three, was the logical one and most likely would’ve sussed her out.

Maybe it’s because I slapped in the face and my bottom was tanned if/when I was out of line; but I don’t blame Darry for slapping Pony. He was worried and was late by two hours where they live in a rough neighborhood and that Socs were going out late at night. Also, it was common back then.

Even if say Pony hadn’t run off; the Socs would have eventually rode by the vacant lot and find Johnny and mess with him or worse. 

Sorry for the ramble. I’m just so defensive over Darry. Like, I love him and feel the need to defend him. 

This wasn’t supposed to be this long, I swear. 

God forgive me. 

Not to mention that most, if not, all his friends are younger than him (Dally, Two-bit, and Steve). You never hear of him hanging out or keeping in touch with friends his own age. You would think that having to take care of two teenage brother and working 24/7, Darry would call/write a letter to a friend his own age once and a while, but from what we get in the book, his only friends are the gang. He takes the boys in and sort of becomes like a father figure to all of them because they all come from dysfunctional families. He also leaves his door open to anyone who needs it. Not many people would do that. Not to mention that some PARENTS, let alone SIBLINGS would give up as much as he did. 

He deserves so much respect and love.

smile-for-the-camra-sunshine YES! I mean he goes skiing with some old friends, but rarely does it happen. And he takes a huge risk of leaving his front fucking door open in a rough neighborhood. And he does it if it can prevent any of the boys from blowing up. 


lol! I always understood. It was something that bothered me since my childhood. Darry went above and beyond for those two and the boys. 


Boyd Kestner
All for Two-Bit? c:

sleep headcanon: he usually has no problem sleeping, but when he does he goes and lays on the floor in his little sister’s room

sad headcanon: he’s afraid that johnny’s been giving up on himself so he tries to make johnny laugh and feel needed whenever he can

happy headcanon: ever since his little sister came up to him and asked ‘why do you smoke if it’s bad for you two bit’ he can’t bring himself to smoke quiet as much anymore, in fact he’s almost quit all together

angry/violent headcanon: he’s never been angry before, annoyed and upset yes, but he’s just too light-hearted to get mad at anyone

bedroom/house/living quarters headcanon: his room looks like a pig sty and he doesn’t even care because he knows where everything is

romantic headcanon: he’s never really had a terribly serious relationship because he’s never wanted one, but when he does decide to settle down, he’s not going to rush into anything

 family headcanon: although having a family isn’t something he’s really thought about, he really loves caring for his kid sister so he would be comfortable and happy with his own family

friendship headcanon: he makes fun of his friends more than anyone because he knows just how to get under their skin, but when it comes down to it, he’s a true friend that is very caring and good at listening

 quirks/hobbies headcanon: he cannot sit still; he’s always fidgeting, and he enjoys ‘art time’ with his little sister

likes/dislikes headcanon: likes: the corniest jokes you could possibly imagine and cartoons and there’s pretty much nothing he dislikes 

childhood headcanon: when two bit was little he would have difficulty learning and focusing in school and the teachers believed that he just wasn’t paying attention so he eventually just gave up trying to learn

old age/aging headcanon: his hair would start turning gray at an earlier age 

cooking/food headcanon: two bit stinks at cooking, he can’t even make ice cubes, the only think he can do is make a half decent chocolate cake

appearance headcanon: when he didn’t put grease in his hair it just kind of flopped down in the front and curled in the back

random headcanon: he’s scared of spiders