Have you written any two-bit imagines or anything?

nope do you have any you would like to request

so i was wondering if i could get a ship :) um i'm really bad at describing myself but i'm like 5'0 maybe? and i have brown wavy-ish hair and grey eyes and um i like to read a lot and i like like history stuff and i like to think i'm an okay (??) artist sometimes and i watch movies a lot (esp older ones) and joke around a lot and i'm sarcastic i guess probably more rude oh well


Yeah you can, I totally understand I never know how to describe myself either aha.

I ship you with: Dallas

He loves how you’re a bit different to him. He doesn’t understand why you like reading and often annoys you so you can’t read. But he likes it when you draw. He sometimes looks through your sketchbooks when you’re busy , he’s so shocked by how good your drawings are. One time he saw one of your drawing of him and when you caught him he had a smug grin on his face. Now he constantly makes jokes about it. He also finds it quite funny when you use your sarcasm on people.

Your best friend: Steve

I would say you two get along so well because you have similar humour. He’s usually the one laughing at your jokes even if they’re a bit mean, cause he realises you were mostly joking. Infact he was the one that introduced you to Dally. He walked past you and a Soc and heard you making sarcastic digs at the Soc. It was lucky Steve was there because the Soc got wound up and went to start a fight, luckily Steve got him to leave and then took you to the Curtis’ where you met the gang, and Dallas caught your eye.

Hope you liked it!

Could you do a preference where they hear you singing for the first time?

darry: the first time he heard you sing, he didn’t realize it was you, he thought you were playing a record while you were cleaning, and when he realized it was you singing he couldn’t help but smile and compliment your voice on how perfect it was, and after that he would sing with you sometimes, because no one really knew, but darry could sing too

sodapop: the first time sodapop heard you sing was when he walked to your house one day to bring you flowers, he walked all the way to your front door before he heard your voice, and when he did he just stopped and listened, awed at how well you could sing, when he finally knocked on the door, the first thing he did was ask you to sing again

ponyboy: the first time ponyboy heard you sing was in the library, you had stayed late to help the librarian and ponyboy had already been there, when he heard you singing he was reminded of the comfort of his mother’s singing when he was younger, he already loved that you could make him feel comforted just by your voice so when he finally caught sight of you, he wasted no time on telling you how he loved your voice and then asked you for a date

steve: the first time steve heard you sing, you two were in the car going to visit some of your family, it was a long drive so you took turns driving, it was way past midnight when it was your turn to drive, and after a few miles, you turned up the radio and started singing along to the songs they played,and steve who wasn’t asleep yet, was amazed at how well you could sing, and he decided to let your voice sing him to sleep instead of interrupting your singing just to compliment it, there was time for that later

two bit: the first time two bit heard you sing was when you came walking down the side walk, singing loud enough for everyone to hear, you had just gotten some really good news and you were so giddy you couldn’t think of anything to do except sing, when two bit heard you sing he smiled and told you that you were the best singer he had heard (but don’t tell darry)

johnny: the first time johnny had heard you sing was during one of your favorite movies, without thinking, you began singing along to the songs as the movie played as you usually, you had stopped singing when you remembered that johnny was with you this time and you quickly apologized while blushing, you were surprised when johnny told you that he loved your voice and that you should keep singing

dallas: the first time dallas heard you sing you were cooking dinner and he had just walked into the house, he was already annoyed because some kid tried to blame him for a robbery so when he yelled at you to keep it down, you walked out of the kitchen with a spatula in your hand “what did you say dallas” you tried asked trying to look intimidating he would give you the same line he had a minute ago about keeping it down and you would go back to the kitchen and make as much noise as possible without singing until dallas came into the kitchen too “alright alright, would you just stop making all that noise with those stupid pans” dallas would say taking hold of the hand of yours that was holding the pan lid “you have a beautiful voice” he would say and then take the pan lid away from you “so maybe you should stick to singing instead of playing the uh, instruments or whatever you wanna call this” he would say looking at the pan and its lid